The Hunt of the Glades

Death of Nico

Lawrence was alseep at his home when he received a phone call from Nico at about 2 at night. It had been a month since the incident at the Church, and they had not heard from Nico. Nico called screaming on the phone, saying he was being chased. At that instant, Nico crashed his car. Karen and Hannah were leaving a nearby Casino, when they witness the car plow into a patch of woods off the side of the road. Lawrence called Don, who was nearby catching late night speeders. He heard the 911 dispatch and sped off to where the Car had crashed. Meanwhile, Hannah and Karen exited their vehicles and investigated the crashed car. As they were inspecting the dying Nico, a woman in an atrocious outfit came behind them. She began questioning the girls, and creeping them out. Suddenly two little black men popped from behind the trees, and pointed their shotguns at Hannah and Karen. The Woman, lead them away into the woods.

At the scene, Don arrived and began to investigate. He noted Nicos car, and called Lawrence to come over. More police arrived, and Lawrence came and pretended to be an investigator. This was however, until the Investigator Jorge Alonso arrived. He Immediately confronted Lawrence, and quickly remembered his voice. He Told Lawrence to leave and promised vengeance if he wrote about this incident until all the facts were in. Lawrence kept his cool, and left the scene. Meanwhile, the Woman who called herself Deborah, Mistress of the Lakes, led them to an abandoned archway. As they passed through it, Hannah and Karen saw the environment itself change. Everything was in motion, and the sky looked a hazy green. She told both girls she will take them to her ’’Domain’’ but first, they must make a quick stop for a trade.

Cleansing the Church

Colin waited in the church for the ceremony to begin, while Lawrence and Don was in the McDonalds in the next lot waiting. Colin was a Pariah, he was in a room full of Cubans speaking Spanish, and saw foods he wasn’t even sure he would like. He managed to begin chatting with those around him, and found the few that could speak English well enough to translate the ritual for him. The Ritual began with a chicken being beheaded, and african music playing on speakers. On the Stage, was Giancarlo Santos, the head priest. Next to him, was his Girlfriend, Yalinda, who was a waitress at the Dennys that was attacked by Needleman. She was to be inducted into the church, and to make an offering to Shango. Giancarlo began to recite several prayers. Soon a white mist appeared, and strange words came from Colins mouth saying that it was a trap. Seeing this as a sign, Giancarlo performed a ritual to allow the Ghost to possess him, in order to speak with it. The Ghost immediately possessed Giancarlo, and his eyes turned pale white.

His first course of action was to take the remaining live chicken, and hack it apart into bitty pieces. the Congregation was completely shocked and frightened, he then dropped the knife on the floor, and grabbed his Girlfriend Yalinda and began to strangle her. The entire Congregation immediately panicked and began to run from the Church, while Colin grabbed the Knife and began to attack Giancarlo. Lawrence and Don saw the mass crowd, and ran inside to assist. Colin fought Giancarlo off the girl, just in time for Lawrence and Don to arrive. Don and Colin held down Giancarlo, while Lawrence began an exorcism rite. After fighting the Ghost, and with help from Colin reciting ancient irish prayers, the Ghost was exorcised from Giancarlo. Right after, they saw another Ghost, one of the deceased bum. The Bum uttered the words ‘’Thank you’’ and promptly vanished.

Police began to arrive, and so did Paris. Paris arrived with his homies, and was drugged up. Lawrence and Colin managed to talk him out of going on a rampage and attacking the police. The Group later received a voice mail that night telling them to meet at a park. The Group arrived, and walked several blocks to a liquor store. Arriving there, they saw Four men inside. The liquor store looked more like a club, and the four men introduced themselves as leaders of local hunting cells. After several rounds of information exchanging, the Group was inducted as a Cell.

The First thing they had done was to pool their resources together and make a Safehouse. The Cell bought a large RV, and a plot of land in a trailer home.

Practice Santeria?

For the next week after the incident, life went back to mostly normal. Nico and Lawrence however, had a knack of constantly trying to learn about the supernatural. Paris and Colin drowned themselves in drugs, while Don just tried to move on. After about a week, they all recieved a phonecall. It was the same voice they heard in the tape recorder at the hotel, still masked in a robotic voice. It asked them to join his organization that fights things that go bump in the night, for the betterment of humanity. He sends everybody an email with a job, and says it is up to them to go with it.

Having accepted the job, Nico, lawrence, and Don began to investigate. It was about a church that had opened up, a santeria church. They’re task was simply investigate everything. Nico investigated into the history of the building, and learned of its origins. it was an abandoned building for almost two decades, before being converted into a church. Lawrence investigated the Religion, and learned a few of their secret rituals. Don found the owner, Giancarlo Santos, police records. Two speeding tickets.

Lawrence decided to do his own personal investigation, and drove to the location. He found that it truly did look like a giant abandoned office building. He went around back, and tried to enter, finding the place abandoned and the door locked. Lawrence drove to a nearby wendys, and told everybody to meet them there. Nico arrives first, and he began to talk with him until Paris showed up. A Man in white and a familiar woman walked into the Wendys. Lawrence identified the man in white by his clothing, as thats what people in the church wear. Paris walked up to the woman, and immediatly began hitting on her in a very shrewd way, and began to yell threats at the man in white. Not taking his shit, The man in white lunged a punch square at Paris jaw. A fight immediately broke out as The Man in White and Paris exchanged blows. Lawrence and a worker at Wendys attempted to break up the fight, but mostly failed. The woman pulled out a taser, and tased Paris.

Police (including don) arrived at the scene. The man in white as well as Paris were taken to the local police station. Nico, Lawrence, and Don saw this as an opportunity to investigate the church. They entered through the back door, and discovered the ground floor was being used for the church. They entered the upper rooms, and found uncleaned abandoned areas of the building. As they inspected, they began to feel something weird. suddenly Lawrence spoke the words ‘’It wants Blood’‘, in a panic Nico and Don dumped salt all around them. only to look later, and see words written in the salt saying ’’Want many things, blood not all’’. Lawrence had a vision of two bums fighting, screaming ‘’One of us!’’ and afterward began to freak out. Everybody ran out of the building, while seeing things on the way out.

Paris called as they were leaving, and Nico went to go pick him up at the nearby station. He was charged with Sexual Harrasment, Disorderly Conduct, and Assault. Colin, who was not at the scene, contacted the leader of the church. After talking with Giancarlo, the leader of the church, he managed to arrange for an invite into the church. The next Ceremony, was just in a few days.

The Asylum

Leaving the hotel, Lawrence, Colin, and Paris made their way to the Asylum. Don stopped by Nicos hotel to pick him up, but on the way to the Asylum were caught in a massive traffic jam. The other three stopped by a KFC first, and then parked along side krome avenue, in front of a metal bar gate. Thunder roared in the far distance, and overcast covered the sun. They made their way into the Abandoned asylum, an ominous silence with the exception of cars traveling the near road and the sound of their feet against the ground. Lawrence and Colin walked up the main entrance in to the entrance lobby, where they saw the Graffiti covered and paint ball ridden walls. Paris decided on his own to go around, and went to the back to a loading dock. Lawrence and Colin decided to not chase after Paris, and carefully went down the Asylum. They passed by old examining rooms, filled with beer, drinks, and used condoms. Paris left the loading dock and entered into a separate building, into what seemed to be a kitchen.

Lawrence and Colin heard noises, later found out to be Paris screaming ‘’I Want Food!’’ at the sight of the kitchen. Lawrence entered a larger examining room, and found an incredibly old bed. It seemed that the bed was used for Electroshock therapy, due to the straps and insulators on it. They continued, and regrouped with Paris is a large area for holding patients. After searching the area, they decided it was time. Lawrence set up an Ouija board and began to do a rite to call in the Spirit they were looking for. They began to communicate with a spirit called ‘’Mad Joe’’, and began to ask it questions. The Spirit began getting angry and confused, and after its own questions went unanswered All three began to feel a force in their heads. Mad Joe began to communicate with them in their mind, using a sort of telepathy. He forced the Ouija board to close, and began to demand more and more answers. Lawrence decided to begin the rite to bind the spirit into an object, and grabbed a bible colin had taken from the hotel.

A force of images entered Colins mind of him falling out of an apartment while Lawrence was beginning the ceremony. Lawrence continued, then the images began to attack him. He first saw himself in Highschool getting bullied, and being put down by his parents. Then it shot to College, where the bullying continued and nobody liked him. He developed Anxiety disorder, and bearly contained himself from having a panic attack. The Rite was done, and Lawrence began to fight the Spirit to bind it to the object. After several rounds, Lawrence slowly and surely forced the spirit into the Bible. However it was not done still, as they found that the Spirit could stil exert influence. Another vision attacked Colin, of him being flung into the air by an airplane, and Paris found an image of him being abused. Colin developed a Hysterical avoidance of heights, and Paris developed an irrationality disorder. Paris ran straight to the bible and started stomping on it. They began to hear the voice in their heads screaming.

Believing that they were harming it, they began to destroy the bible. However when it was ripped apart, they saw a gohstly mist leave and materialize a few feet away from them. They saw a man in white clothing and a twisted smile. Lawrence ran up to it and smacked it with an iron fire poker. Paris then took the Anti-Ghost Paintball gun with rock salt and fired into it, although it had no real effect. Colin then fired with his Pistol at it, and missed. Mad Joe crocked his head and said that his friends are here, and three zombie-like things appeared from the empty rooms. Lawrence shoulted for the thugs to take care of the zombies, while he fought Mad joe. Paris dropped the paintball gun, and fired at the zombies. The Thugs took down the zombies, while Lawrence and mad Joe sparred. Mad landed heavy blows on Lawrence, and then retreated to one of the rooms. Colin and Paris followed it in, only to see Three Mad Joes had appeared. The Mad Joes swarmed them, and Paris took a lucky guess and blasted one of them in the face. The Spirit dissipated into a white mist, and the copies as well as the zombie carcasses dissipated.

After all was done, they noted that it had already begun raining. Running back to the car, they noticed that Nico and Don had been waiting at the entrance, unable to leave due to the torrential rain. They could finally go about their lives…atleast for now.

-Lawrence has Derangement Anxiety Disorder
-Colin has a Derangement Hysteric avoidance of Heights
-Paris has Derangement Irrationality Disorder

The Cell gains 5 Practical Experience

The Haunting

Paris and Don were in the hospital, recovering from the attack. Don being a police officer, was given the best treatment and medicine money could buy from his insurance. Paris, a unemployed criminal, had no such luxury. he was stitched up, had his intoxicants drained out, and that was it. At about 7 in the morning, a reporter arrived posing as Dons brothers friend. He began to interview both Don and Paris, and although Don refused to talk, Paris began to blabber on about the incident. A doctor later came by and released both from the hospital. Lawrence walked out of the hospital, to check the rest of the witnesses.

The Previous night, Nico had driven Colin home. He then went back to his house, and began to do some investigations. With sleep fatigue hitting him, Nico began to slightly freak out. he was able to keep it to himself however, and put an AI program to search, and went to sleep. However the strangest thing happened, he woke up in his bathtub sleeping on his pillow. Quickly checking if his kidneys where there, he began to scan the house. Meanwhile at Colins house, he was awoken in the night when his car started. He ran outside, and when he got to the door the car was off. He went back to sleep, and was woken up by Lawrence giving him a call. after speaking with Lawrence, Colin wen to the hospital to pick up his buddy Paris. Don called one of his friends, and went to work.

Lawrence then went to the Dennys where the attack took place, and had a vision. He saw the Needleman jumping the fence, and preparing for his strike on the Dennys. Later that night, weird things began to happen.

-Nico woke up on his couch, when he went to sleep on his bed
-All the Electronics in Lawrences house turned on and off
-Doors slamming and chairs falling when Paris and Colin were hanging
-Don’s Parrot began to freak out for no reason, and heard moving and breathing.

This continued on for about a week, increasing in intensity. Nico woke up in stranger locations, Lawrences electronics turned on and off at random moments, even with them not plugged in. Paris and Colin continued to hear louder and more frequent objects. Dons Parrot began to freak out, and Don continued to hear even louder breathing and moving. On the 7th day, they all receive a text message. The message states to meet in Downtown miami, bay front park, next to a large fountain. They all immediately head over (except don, who is late). They all confront each other, threats are thrown, as they all are freaked out from the incidents. They receive another text message, and which says to search at nearby rocks for an envelope. Nico spots the envelope and opens it to see five key cards to the Intercontinental hotel. they walk over to the hotel, only a five minutes walk. They enter their room, guns ready, and when they get inside they see nobody. except a suitcase on one of the beds.

They open the suitcase, and find a voice recorder, several sheets, and a USB. They learn that the thing they killed was possessed by a Spirit, and it wants a new host. It has been targeting all of them, and that they must find it and destroy it. Lawrence reads a book inside the USB, and the rest go downstairs to get drunk. Nico decides to go back home (giving his keycard to Don when he sees him). Nico enters his house, and is immediately overwhelmed. He collapses, and wakes up at 12 at night on his roof. Meanwhile at the hotel, the rest begin to break down how to destroy the ghost. It is currently anchored at an abandoned insane asylum. They buy a paintball gun, glue salt to the paintballs, while Paris goes to a nearby church and gets holy water. They are ready and are preparing to leave.

Into the Vigil

The Players were having the late night munchies, and all found themselves in a Dennys. Nico had walked in, and after being rude with the waitress, began eating his food. Later, Paris and Colin entered, both intoxicated and making snide remarks at one of the other hot waitresses. lastly Deputy Don entered after getting out of work, craving some filet. After striking up a conversation, the Don and Nico began to converse. meanwhile, Paris made a drug trade in the bathroom of the dennys with a rather paranoid man he saw. All of this was broken up the moment a Truck was stolen and blocked the entrance to the dennys. Don saw what came out, a large hulking man with needles coming out of the truck. Immediatly the power was cut to the restaurant.

The Crack head screamed, and ran underneath a table. Paris and Don moved up to the emergency exit, and paris ran out. The Needleman threw a hook weapon into Paris, and then Don moved in to punch it. The Waitresses and a park ranger fled into a bathroom to hide, while the truck driver was breaking open a door to get a revolver. The Chef was with Nico looking for extra hatchets and Clevers in the kitchen. Colin picked up a chair and began to hit Needleman, while Don used some forts and knives to stab Needleman. Then Paris made a ballsy moved, and actually managed to take a Machete that needleman carried around. Needleman was not pleased, and cut Paris down. After Neco and the Chef carried Clevers to everybody, the Needleman was being swarmed. He moved outside the door and with his bungee book, grabbed Don and moved him outside. Don and Neco moved outside and cut the bungee cord that was hooked onto Don, Needleman angered took the machete that Paris had taken (who had fallen unconscious from the blows) and began slashing back. Summoning all his strength, Nico took a cleaver and placed it in Needlemans neck.

Colin ran up to hack apart the body, but Needleman took one last blow at Colin. Angered, Colin prepared to keep cutting apart the body. Police soon arrived, and began to investigate the scene. Don (with a hook still sticking out of him) and Paris were taken to the hospital, while Nico and Colin went to Nicos house.

All Players gain 4 XP, Paris gains 5.


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