The Hunt of the Glades

Cleansing the Church

Colin waited in the church for the ceremony to begin, while Lawrence and Don was in the McDonalds in the next lot waiting. Colin was a Pariah, he was in a room full of Cubans speaking Spanish, and saw foods he wasn’t even sure he would like. He managed to begin chatting with those around him, and found the few that could speak English well enough to translate the ritual for him. The Ritual began with a chicken being beheaded, and african music playing on speakers. On the Stage, was Giancarlo Santos, the head priest. Next to him, was his Girlfriend, Yalinda, who was a waitress at the Dennys that was attacked by Needleman. She was to be inducted into the church, and to make an offering to Shango. Giancarlo began to recite several prayers. Soon a white mist appeared, and strange words came from Colins mouth saying that it was a trap. Seeing this as a sign, Giancarlo performed a ritual to allow the Ghost to possess him, in order to speak with it. The Ghost immediately possessed Giancarlo, and his eyes turned pale white.

His first course of action was to take the remaining live chicken, and hack it apart into bitty pieces. the Congregation was completely shocked and frightened, he then dropped the knife on the floor, and grabbed his Girlfriend Yalinda and began to strangle her. The entire Congregation immediately panicked and began to run from the Church, while Colin grabbed the Knife and began to attack Giancarlo. Lawrence and Don saw the mass crowd, and ran inside to assist. Colin fought Giancarlo off the girl, just in time for Lawrence and Don to arrive. Don and Colin held down Giancarlo, while Lawrence began an exorcism rite. After fighting the Ghost, and with help from Colin reciting ancient irish prayers, the Ghost was exorcised from Giancarlo. Right after, they saw another Ghost, one of the deceased bum. The Bum uttered the words ‘’Thank you’’ and promptly vanished.

Police began to arrive, and so did Paris. Paris arrived with his homies, and was drugged up. Lawrence and Colin managed to talk him out of going on a rampage and attacking the police. The Group later received a voice mail that night telling them to meet at a park. The Group arrived, and walked several blocks to a liquor store. Arriving there, they saw Four men inside. The liquor store looked more like a club, and the four men introduced themselves as leaders of local hunting cells. After several rounds of information exchanging, the Group was inducted as a Cell.

The First thing they had done was to pool their resources together and make a Safehouse. The Cell bought a large RV, and a plot of land in a trailer home.



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