The Hunt of the Glades

Death of Nico

Lawrence was alseep at his home when he received a phone call from Nico at about 2 at night. It had been a month since the incident at the Church, and they had not heard from Nico. Nico called screaming on the phone, saying he was being chased. At that instant, Nico crashed his car. Karen and Hannah were leaving a nearby Casino, when they witness the car plow into a patch of woods off the side of the road. Lawrence called Don, who was nearby catching late night speeders. He heard the 911 dispatch and sped off to where the Car had crashed. Meanwhile, Hannah and Karen exited their vehicles and investigated the crashed car. As they were inspecting the dying Nico, a woman in an atrocious outfit came behind them. She began questioning the girls, and creeping them out. Suddenly two little black men popped from behind the trees, and pointed their shotguns at Hannah and Karen. The Woman, lead them away into the woods.

At the scene, Don arrived and began to investigate. He noted Nicos car, and called Lawrence to come over. More police arrived, and Lawrence came and pretended to be an investigator. This was however, until the Investigator Jorge Alonso arrived. He Immediately confronted Lawrence, and quickly remembered his voice. He Told Lawrence to leave and promised vengeance if he wrote about this incident until all the facts were in. Lawrence kept his cool, and left the scene. Meanwhile, the Woman who called herself Deborah, Mistress of the Lakes, led them to an abandoned archway. As they passed through it, Hannah and Karen saw the environment itself change. Everything was in motion, and the sky looked a hazy green. She told both girls she will take them to her ’’Domain’’ but first, they must make a quick stop for a trade.



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