The Hunt of the Glades

Into the Vigil

The Players were having the late night munchies, and all found themselves in a Dennys. Nico had walked in, and after being rude with the waitress, began eating his food. Later, Paris and Colin entered, both intoxicated and making snide remarks at one of the other hot waitresses. lastly Deputy Don entered after getting out of work, craving some filet. After striking up a conversation, the Don and Nico began to converse. meanwhile, Paris made a drug trade in the bathroom of the dennys with a rather paranoid man he saw. All of this was broken up the moment a Truck was stolen and blocked the entrance to the dennys. Don saw what came out, a large hulking man with needles coming out of the truck. Immediatly the power was cut to the restaurant.

The Crack head screamed, and ran underneath a table. Paris and Don moved up to the emergency exit, and paris ran out. The Needleman threw a hook weapon into Paris, and then Don moved in to punch it. The Waitresses and a park ranger fled into a bathroom to hide, while the truck driver was breaking open a door to get a revolver. The Chef was with Nico looking for extra hatchets and Clevers in the kitchen. Colin picked up a chair and began to hit Needleman, while Don used some forts and knives to stab Needleman. Then Paris made a ballsy moved, and actually managed to take a Machete that needleman carried around. Needleman was not pleased, and cut Paris down. After Neco and the Chef carried Clevers to everybody, the Needleman was being swarmed. He moved outside the door and with his bungee book, grabbed Don and moved him outside. Don and Neco moved outside and cut the bungee cord that was hooked onto Don, Needleman angered took the machete that Paris had taken (who had fallen unconscious from the blows) and began slashing back. Summoning all his strength, Nico took a cleaver and placed it in Needlemans neck.

Colin ran up to hack apart the body, but Needleman took one last blow at Colin. Angered, Colin prepared to keep cutting apart the body. Police soon arrived, and began to investigate the scene. Don (with a hook still sticking out of him) and Paris were taken to the hospital, while Nico and Colin went to Nicos house.

All Players gain 4 XP, Paris gains 5.



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