The Hunt of the Glades

Practice Santeria?

For the next week after the incident, life went back to mostly normal. Nico and Lawrence however, had a knack of constantly trying to learn about the supernatural. Paris and Colin drowned themselves in drugs, while Don just tried to move on. After about a week, they all recieved a phonecall. It was the same voice they heard in the tape recorder at the hotel, still masked in a robotic voice. It asked them to join his organization that fights things that go bump in the night, for the betterment of humanity. He sends everybody an email with a job, and says it is up to them to go with it.

Having accepted the job, Nico, lawrence, and Don began to investigate. It was about a church that had opened up, a santeria church. They’re task was simply investigate everything. Nico investigated into the history of the building, and learned of its origins. it was an abandoned building for almost two decades, before being converted into a church. Lawrence investigated the Religion, and learned a few of their secret rituals. Don found the owner, Giancarlo Santos, police records. Two speeding tickets.

Lawrence decided to do his own personal investigation, and drove to the location. He found that it truly did look like a giant abandoned office building. He went around back, and tried to enter, finding the place abandoned and the door locked. Lawrence drove to a nearby wendys, and told everybody to meet them there. Nico arrives first, and he began to talk with him until Paris showed up. A Man in white and a familiar woman walked into the Wendys. Lawrence identified the man in white by his clothing, as thats what people in the church wear. Paris walked up to the woman, and immediatly began hitting on her in a very shrewd way, and began to yell threats at the man in white. Not taking his shit, The man in white lunged a punch square at Paris jaw. A fight immediately broke out as The Man in White and Paris exchanged blows. Lawrence and a worker at Wendys attempted to break up the fight, but mostly failed. The woman pulled out a taser, and tased Paris.

Police (including don) arrived at the scene. The man in white as well as Paris were taken to the local police station. Nico, Lawrence, and Don saw this as an opportunity to investigate the church. They entered through the back door, and discovered the ground floor was being used for the church. They entered the upper rooms, and found uncleaned abandoned areas of the building. As they inspected, they began to feel something weird. suddenly Lawrence spoke the words ‘’It wants Blood’‘, in a panic Nico and Don dumped salt all around them. only to look later, and see words written in the salt saying ’’Want many things, blood not all’’. Lawrence had a vision of two bums fighting, screaming ‘’One of us!’’ and afterward began to freak out. Everybody ran out of the building, while seeing things on the way out.

Paris called as they were leaving, and Nico went to go pick him up at the nearby station. He was charged with Sexual Harrasment, Disorderly Conduct, and Assault. Colin, who was not at the scene, contacted the leader of the church. After talking with Giancarlo, the leader of the church, he managed to arrange for an invite into the church. The next Ceremony, was just in a few days.



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