The Hunt of the Glades

The Asylum

Leaving the hotel, Lawrence, Colin, and Paris made their way to the Asylum. Don stopped by Nicos hotel to pick him up, but on the way to the Asylum were caught in a massive traffic jam. The other three stopped by a KFC first, and then parked along side krome avenue, in front of a metal bar gate. Thunder roared in the far distance, and overcast covered the sun. They made their way into the Abandoned asylum, an ominous silence with the exception of cars traveling the near road and the sound of their feet against the ground. Lawrence and Colin walked up the main entrance in to the entrance lobby, where they saw the Graffiti covered and paint ball ridden walls. Paris decided on his own to go around, and went to the back to a loading dock. Lawrence and Colin decided to not chase after Paris, and carefully went down the Asylum. They passed by old examining rooms, filled with beer, drinks, and used condoms. Paris left the loading dock and entered into a separate building, into what seemed to be a kitchen.

Lawrence and Colin heard noises, later found out to be Paris screaming ‘’I Want Food!’’ at the sight of the kitchen. Lawrence entered a larger examining room, and found an incredibly old bed. It seemed that the bed was used for Electroshock therapy, due to the straps and insulators on it. They continued, and regrouped with Paris is a large area for holding patients. After searching the area, they decided it was time. Lawrence set up an Ouija board and began to do a rite to call in the Spirit they were looking for. They began to communicate with a spirit called ‘’Mad Joe’’, and began to ask it questions. The Spirit began getting angry and confused, and after its own questions went unanswered All three began to feel a force in their heads. Mad Joe began to communicate with them in their mind, using a sort of telepathy. He forced the Ouija board to close, and began to demand more and more answers. Lawrence decided to begin the rite to bind the spirit into an object, and grabbed a bible colin had taken from the hotel.

A force of images entered Colins mind of him falling out of an apartment while Lawrence was beginning the ceremony. Lawrence continued, then the images began to attack him. He first saw himself in Highschool getting bullied, and being put down by his parents. Then it shot to College, where the bullying continued and nobody liked him. He developed Anxiety disorder, and bearly contained himself from having a panic attack. The Rite was done, and Lawrence began to fight the Spirit to bind it to the object. After several rounds, Lawrence slowly and surely forced the spirit into the Bible. However it was not done still, as they found that the Spirit could stil exert influence. Another vision attacked Colin, of him being flung into the air by an airplane, and Paris found an image of him being abused. Colin developed a Hysterical avoidance of heights, and Paris developed an irrationality disorder. Paris ran straight to the bible and started stomping on it. They began to hear the voice in their heads screaming.

Believing that they were harming it, they began to destroy the bible. However when it was ripped apart, they saw a gohstly mist leave and materialize a few feet away from them. They saw a man in white clothing and a twisted smile. Lawrence ran up to it and smacked it with an iron fire poker. Paris then took the Anti-Ghost Paintball gun with rock salt and fired into it, although it had no real effect. Colin then fired with his Pistol at it, and missed. Mad Joe crocked his head and said that his friends are here, and three zombie-like things appeared from the empty rooms. Lawrence shoulted for the thugs to take care of the zombies, while he fought Mad joe. Paris dropped the paintball gun, and fired at the zombies. The Thugs took down the zombies, while Lawrence and mad Joe sparred. Mad landed heavy blows on Lawrence, and then retreated to one of the rooms. Colin and Paris followed it in, only to see Three Mad Joes had appeared. The Mad Joes swarmed them, and Paris took a lucky guess and blasted one of them in the face. The Spirit dissipated into a white mist, and the copies as well as the zombie carcasses dissipated.

After all was done, they noted that it had already begun raining. Running back to the car, they noticed that Nico and Don had been waiting at the entrance, unable to leave due to the torrential rain. They could finally go about their lives…atleast for now.

-Lawrence has Derangement Anxiety Disorder
-Colin has a Derangement Hysteric avoidance of Heights
-Paris has Derangement Irrationality Disorder

The Cell gains 5 Practical Experience



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