The Hunt of the Glades

The Haunting

Paris and Don were in the hospital, recovering from the attack. Don being a police officer, was given the best treatment and medicine money could buy from his insurance. Paris, a unemployed criminal, had no such luxury. he was stitched up, had his intoxicants drained out, and that was it. At about 7 in the morning, a reporter arrived posing as Dons brothers friend. He began to interview both Don and Paris, and although Don refused to talk, Paris began to blabber on about the incident. A doctor later came by and released both from the hospital. Lawrence walked out of the hospital, to check the rest of the witnesses.

The Previous night, Nico had driven Colin home. He then went back to his house, and began to do some investigations. With sleep fatigue hitting him, Nico began to slightly freak out. he was able to keep it to himself however, and put an AI program to search, and went to sleep. However the strangest thing happened, he woke up in his bathtub sleeping on his pillow. Quickly checking if his kidneys where there, he began to scan the house. Meanwhile at Colins house, he was awoken in the night when his car started. He ran outside, and when he got to the door the car was off. He went back to sleep, and was woken up by Lawrence giving him a call. after speaking with Lawrence, Colin wen to the hospital to pick up his buddy Paris. Don called one of his friends, and went to work.

Lawrence then went to the Dennys where the attack took place, and had a vision. He saw the Needleman jumping the fence, and preparing for his strike on the Dennys. Later that night, weird things began to happen.

-Nico woke up on his couch, when he went to sleep on his bed
-All the Electronics in Lawrences house turned on and off
-Doors slamming and chairs falling when Paris and Colin were hanging
-Don’s Parrot began to freak out for no reason, and heard moving and breathing.

This continued on for about a week, increasing in intensity. Nico woke up in stranger locations, Lawrences electronics turned on and off at random moments, even with them not plugged in. Paris and Colin continued to hear louder and more frequent objects. Dons Parrot began to freak out, and Don continued to hear even louder breathing and moving. On the 7th day, they all receive a text message. The message states to meet in Downtown miami, bay front park, next to a large fountain. They all immediately head over (except don, who is late). They all confront each other, threats are thrown, as they all are freaked out from the incidents. They receive another text message, and which says to search at nearby rocks for an envelope. Nico spots the envelope and opens it to see five key cards to the Intercontinental hotel. they walk over to the hotel, only a five minutes walk. They enter their room, guns ready, and when they get inside they see nobody. except a suitcase on one of the beds.

They open the suitcase, and find a voice recorder, several sheets, and a USB. They learn that the thing they killed was possessed by a Spirit, and it wants a new host. It has been targeting all of them, and that they must find it and destroy it. Lawrence reads a book inside the USB, and the rest go downstairs to get drunk. Nico decides to go back home (giving his keycard to Don when he sees him). Nico enters his house, and is immediately overwhelmed. He collapses, and wakes up at 12 at night on his roof. Meanwhile at the hotel, the rest begin to break down how to destroy the ghost. It is currently anchored at an abandoned insane asylum. They buy a paintball gun, glue salt to the paintballs, while Paris goes to a nearby church and gets holy water. They are ready and are preparing to leave.



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