Lawrence Baines


Character: Lawrence Baines
Profession: Journalist
Character Traits: Dedicated, workaholic, not good with money
Character Sheet:

Lawrence Baines earned Bachelor degrees in Journalism and Geography at Yale University. Afterward he worked briefly as a journalist and analyst for “Invicta Veritas”, an independent news source that by and large flew under the radar. Mostly it specialized in off the cuff political discussion, clued people into what wouldn’t be printed elsewhere, and served as fodder for crack-pots and would-be social activists. Baines was there “Special Interest” guy – he looked into all the especially batshit crazy stuff. Unfortunately the Veritas crashed and burned when one of their primary financial benefactors disappeared along with his money. Lawrence had a difficult time finding work after that. He took on a few jobs here and there to make his way – but eventually Baines heard that the “Invicta Veritas” was coming back.

They even offered him his old job back. Things are looking up.


Lawrence Baines

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