Paris Freeman

Black and Proud



Paris Freeman born to a Pastor in a small Methodist Church in Detroit, grew up in a well-to-do family with strict Christian values. Throughout the majority of his schooling, Paris showed an aptitude for politics and the likes. The young man got involved with the wrong crew as he matured through schooling. At the age of sixteen, Paris got involved with drugs and gradually advanced in the usage of them. Eventually he started out dealing to his friends which expanded into an extensive service. Having reached further into the crime world, Paris found himself involved with a shoot out with the cops, killing one of them, Paris Freeman fled the state and moved South, leaving his family behind. It was in Florida that Paris Freeman began his new dealing of marijuana, heroin, and cocaine acting primarily by himself. He quickly learned throughout the following years on how to fire a pistol and fuckin’ glock.

Paris Freeman

The Hunt of the Glades Fagosexual