Creepy Locations

Abandoned Mental Asylum

The Asylum is located on Krome Avenue, and is said to be haunted. Rumors abound of its former past, being an insane asylum and before that, a CIA numbers station. The Cell learned of the location of Mad Joe, the Ghost or Spirit that was haunting them. The Complex is abandoned and full of graffiti and trash.

Abandoned AT&T Building

The Building was abandoned since 1992, when it was bought in 2009 by Giancarlo Santos. A Bum was killed in the building in 1999, and his Ghost haunted the building. At least two Ghosts were haunting the building, one completely malevolent. Santos made a Santeria Church in the building, and operated it for several months. he closed it down after several months however, telling news agencies he could not pay the bills.

Creepy Locations

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