Hunter's Compendium

Hunter’s Compendium
The Guide To: What it is, and how I kill it!

Written by BA Larry

On Ghosts, Specters, Spooks, etc

According to the Spirit Mallefectrium ghosts are not uniform in characteristics. They are possessed of their own unique qualities which vary with the origin and culture of the deceased, nature of their departure, and other factors. There are also those ghosts which are alien in nature – that is to say that they were never human, and originate instead from a deceased inhuman animal or even embody a concept.

Much like living beings ghosts also seem to exhibit personalities. There are reports of helpful spirits, spooks who are little more than the recording of some past action, along with dangerously violent poltergeists and everything inbetween.

This treatise will deal particularly with human specters of a European cultural origin. Proposed anti-ghost practices may, in a pinch, also prove useful against other incorporeal beings. Efficacy is not guaranteed, however.

What do I do if I’m being haunted?

Ghosts fixate on (and anchor themselves) to people, locations, and objects. Unless you yourself are the spiritual beings anchor moving from the immediate area may prove sufficient to avoid a ghost. This is particularly advisable in the case of poltergeists. Seek professional help at once. Many religious organizations offer exorcism or purification ceremonies of some sort.

How do you get rid of them?

You can’t shoot a ghost, you can’t stab it, you can’t physically harm it. So how do you get rid of a specter? There are several options available to those for whom all other options are expended.

  • - Exorcism. Prayers and rites are included in the reference section of this packet.(1)
  • - Communication. Using a Ouija board or other spiritual mediums may allow an individual to commune with the dead. It is possible that some ghosts may be appeased in this way if they have some unfinished business. Do not however attempt to reason or bargain with the dead. They are implacable and beyond compromise.
  • Make it corporeal. It is possible to bring about conditions where a ghost becomes corporeal. In these situations a ghost may be exterminated through mundane means. (Warning: this is inordinately dangerous if the ghost originated from a concept or animal)
  • Bind it. If bound to an object a specter can be buried away, or hidden somewhere it will never be found. The rites to perform this are unfortunately long and complicated. (2)
  • Willful possession. If you know a spirit’s name and utter it three times the ghost will be forced to possess your body. If you are then killed, the ghost will lose its tenative grasp on this world.
  • Wards. Though wards cannot permanently destroy or deter a ghost they can be used to some effect.
  • A salt circle will keep a would-be ghost hunter safe from harm from contact with the spirit itself (5). Salt thrown, shot, or otherwise wielded against a ghost will harm it (but not kill it). Iron, if pure, is expected to work in much the same way.
  • (1) During our field operations exorcism rites proved ineffectual against ghosts when used on immaterial spirits. Perhaps if they had been materialized first? Confirmation: when used in circumstances where a ghost in possessing someone rites are effective.
  • (2) Binding doesn’t seem to be a very good solution. The ghost is still capable of manipulating and affecting humans when bound. This makes it exceedingly difficult to send it or bring it to a point where it can be dumped. Also, the destruction of the item leads to the freeing of the captured spook. A temporary and dangerous solution at best.*
    (5) Maybe spooks don’t like salt – but they can just move the stuff out of the way. We’ve even witnessed one writing with salt. It doesn’t seem to deter them at all.

Latin Rite of Exorcism


EXORCIZO te, immundíssime spíritus, omnis incúrsio adversárii, omne phantasma, omnis légio, in nómine Dómini nostri Jesu+Christi eradicáre, et effugáre ab hoc plásmate Dei +. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui te de supérnis cæaelórum in inferióra terræ demérgi præcépit. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui mari, ventis et tempestátibus imperávit. Audi ergo, et time, sátana, inimice fidei, hostis géneris humáni, mortis addúctor, vitæ raptor, justítiæ declinátor, malórum radix, fomes vitiórum, sedúctor hóminum, próditur géntium, incitátor invídiæ, origo avaritiæ, causa discórdiæ, excitátor dolórum: quid stas, et resistis, cum scias, Christum Dóminum vias tuas pérdere? Illum métue, qui in Isaac immolátus est, in Joseph venúndatus, in agno occísus, in hómine crucifixus, deinde inférni triumphátor fuit. Sequentes crucis fiat in fronte obsessi. Recéde ergo in nómine Patris +, et Fílii +, et Spíritus + Sancti: da locum Spirítui Sancto, per hoc signum sanctæ + Crucis Jesu Christi Dómini nostri: Qui cum Patre et eódem Spíritu Sancto vivit et regnat Deus, per ómnia sæcula sæculórum.

V. Dómine, exaudi oratiónem meam.
R. Et clamor meus ad te véniat.

Field Notes

During our encounter with a ghost who referred to itself as “Mad Joe” we encountered significant difficulties. I will detail as much as I can here.

  • Ghosts are capable of some sort of psycho-oppressive influence. They can get in your mind and twist your fears, even create new ones. They’ll manipulate you in anyway they can. Try to be strong. You’ll need to be. (4)
  • Interestingly some ghosts seem to be capable of calling other spirits into being or focusing them. They can turn these awakened ghosts on you too – if they’re corporeal though, they too can be damaged. (Mad Joe called on corpse like creatures of some sort. After we’d dealt with Joe though their cadavers disappeared. This leads me to conclude that they were either ghosts or hallucinations.)
  • Hallucinations. If ghosts can mess with your head they can trick you into thinking that you’re seeing what’s not there. Be aware that anything you’re dealing with or seeing may or may not be real.
  • (4) We experienced newfound phobias. Hopefully these are just temporary.

Hunter's Compendium

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