People of Note

The Needleman

A Deranged killer. Has four confirmed murders of Four Teens, Was killed by the Cell when it attempted to mass murder a Dennys. Had numerous needles sticking through his skin, and wielded a Machete and a Hook attached to a Bungee.

Status: dead

Mad Joe

Not much is known about Mad Joe, except he was the one who possessed Needleman and forced him into mass murder. He Haunted the cell for a week, before the Cell located him and Destroyed him with assistance from their Benefactors. He possessed the ability to drive people insane, giving them severe mental derangement. The Derangement were temporary however, and faded after several days. His physical body was destroyed by the cell.

Status: Most Likely Destroyed

Jorge Alonso

An Investigator that has been appearing at places the Cell has been involved, research into him reveals that he has solved numerous cases. Has short hair, seems slightly built. Always wearing black pants and a nice shirt. Seems to be in his Mid 40’s.

Status: Alive

Giancarlo Santos

The Leader of the Santeria Church, a Cuban who speaks broken English. He bought an [[Abandoned AT&T Building]] and converted it into a church, the building was later found to be haunted by at least two Ghosts. He was possessed while attempting to contact one Ghost, and attempted to strangle his Girlfriend. He was saved by the cell, although sold the church and resumed practices in his home.

Status: Alive

People of Note

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