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4 People dead in Car, brutally slain

By Anita Suarez, Miami Herald. June 16th, 2009.

On Monday, June 15th Three men and one woman were found dead brutally killed in their car near Krome Avenue and SW 100th street. All four were between the ages of 20 and 22. The identities are being concealed, but what we have been informed is that all four were smoking marijuana when they were killed. Reportedly, their eyes had been impaled with needles and they all died from wounds from some hook like weapon, and a machete. Signs show that two of them attempted to escape, but were dragged back into the car. No witnesses could be found, and nearby Farm owners had not heard anything that night. The Investigation is incomplete, as family and friends have yet to be questioned.

Missing child found

By Rene Guillen. Miami Herald. June 17th, 2009

A Missing 15 year old Coral Gables girl was found early today. She went missing from her home one week ago, her parents said she was abducted when someone broke into their home and took her away. The kidnapper was described as a tall black man with long dreadlocks. she was discovered near Rickenbacker causeway by two fisherman, crying and looking around for her family. She has no recollection of the past week, and says she was sleeping and suddenly woke up near the water. Doctors have given her a preliminary examination and discovered no signs of sexual abuse. She will be returning home early tomorrow.

Shootout outside of Club Mansion

By George Simmons, Miami Herald. June 20th

At approximately 2:00 on Saturday morning, two groups of people unleashed gunfire at each other. The Shooting occurred outside of the busy Club Mansion, in Miami Beach. Two Bystanders were wounded, but are in stable condition. The Shooting began when a car pulled up outside of the club. Between three and four people inside drew weapons, including automatic weapons, and opened fire on a group of four people. The other four drew weapons and returned fire, although one witness reported that one of them ran towards the vehicle, and smashed its windows. The witness believes he saw one of the men holding a Grenade, and ran. The Car sped off and weaved through traffic before police could arrive.

Mass Murder gunned down

By Anita Suarez, Miami Herald. June 27th, 2009.

Last night, a Dennys on Krome Avenue was attacked. Investigators have reported that the ‘’Krome Slaughterer’’ As he was called, was killed yesterday when patrons held themselves in a bathroom and called police. Several of the Patrons struck back, while one of the waitresses called police. Police arrived at the scene, where the man was attempting to break into the bathroom where the patrons were holed up. The man charged at police with a machete, and was gunned down. A quick investigation has revealed that he is the same man who killed four young adults last week. Investigations are trying to find the identity of the mad man.

Outcry from Santeria Rituals

By Rene Guillen, Miami Herald. July 12th, 2009.

In Hialeah, there have been numerous complaints by locals on an abandoned AT&T Building being used for Santeria Rituals. Santeria is a religion with Judo-Christian themes, mixed with African Animism. The Practice of the religion is popular in Hialeah, with most of its origins in Cuba by the Cuban Migrants. The abandoned AT&T Building was bought by the Church of Lyam Abumi a few months earlier. Nearby residents, as well as workers in the Mcdonalds just next door, have been complaining that the church has been dumping the bodies of decapitated chickens in nearby cross roads. The church leader, Giancarlo Santos, denies the allegations. He says that another church held in nearby homes is doing this act, and he is properly disposing of the sacrificed animals. Nearby Residents, as well as the owner of the Mcdonalds, have been threatening the Church with legal action.

Church of Lyam Abumi Closes

By Rene Guillen, Miami Herald. July 27th, 2009.

The Santeria church of Lyam Abumi has officially closed. Giancarlo Santos, the owner and leader of the church, made a brief statement. He said that he is closing the church due to financial problems, as he is unable to maintain the property. It is unknown if this has any connection to an incident last week, where Giancarlo and a Girlfriend were found unconscious in the church while the remainder of the church panicked and ran out. Church goers were saying that after a lengthy ceremony, Giancarlo had passed out and knocked his girlfriend out unconscious by falling on her. Giancarlo declined to make a statement on this.

Kidnapping in Little Haiti

By Judith Lane, Miami Herald. August 19th, 2009.

In Little Haiti, a little girl was kidnapped during school hours while in Recess. Witnesses say a man jumped the chain link fence, and ran for Five year old Nicole Baxter. He grabbed her, and jumped the fence with her over his shoulder. the Recess coach called for help but by the time it arrived, Nicole and her abductor was gone. An amber alert was immediately alerted, and local police began searching for the man. Police are currently looking for a man between the height of 6’ and 6’4’’, with dreadlocks. No other details could be given.

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